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Are we going off to la la land?

– 3 Principles for State of Mind® and the spiritual realm


When talking about “the universal energy” as one of the founding principles in the 3 Principles for State of Mind® – some people and some leaders of some businesses back off.

Some have always been sceptical to “universal-energy-people” walking around with their kind-of-a holy presence, talking about our interconnectedness and “all we are is love”…

I used to be ‘some people’ – so I’ll just tell you how come I didn’t discard this understanding.

Practical + Spiritual = Possible?

I began hearing about the principles from other coaches that I respect. I  got curious about why successful NLP coaches takes the risk of leaving the techniques and understanding of NLP behind – in order to work solely from another base.

As I started to learn more I found a day-to-day practical, logical and in a way “simple” understanding that seemed to support people in having more peace of mind without all the doing or strife to accomplish.

The more unexpected part were that I suddenly were looking into the spiritual realm.

Okay…? As a Nordic Viking by descendance – at times approaching the world from the cynical side – did I really want to get on this ferry? Would that say anything about me, give me a label?

When examining my own reasons for why I might discard the principles I realized I had quite a lot of thinking going on.

I had some ideas regarding what was the “correct ways” of going about understanding the world; about the correct way of creating value in the corporate world; the correct way of guiding leaders through their day-to-day challenges – and not just that: I had some thinking about people who did view the world from a more…well, woo-woo-kind-of-a-way.

Very Important Questions

I had some very important questions:

  • Would people and business really see past possible unfavorable thinking regarding the spiritual realm?
  • Would they be able to spot the enormous potential and power that lies embedded in this understanding?
  • Would there be barefoot flower petal throwers among these 3 Principles people?

At the end of the day it didn’t really matter – because I had already started to see that these principles gave highly practical and valuable changes for people. So I kissed my husband and our children goodbye for a while and flew over to the U.S. for four weeks. I followed some of the most experienced teachers in the world as they were sharing this understanding. I followed them as they did trainings which lead to people reconsidering their view on their circumstances and their life.

I’ve come to change my own experience of my circumstances as a result of understanding more about how my experience come about. I went from being totally negative, dejected and worn down from 2 years of daily chronic headache – to going about my day pretty much just fine – despite of my still ongoing headache. I’m where I am now, powering this website, extending coaching and online training,  because I came to understand how my experience of my situation were created via my own thought.

What I’ve come to see is that these principles  harbor such a huge potential to affect people’s level of resilience, wellbeing and peace of mind. This is ultimately why I didn’t back away from it as I saw “the universal energy” coming my way – despite my concern of dancing flower people and white unicorns showing up at my door.

The last couple of years there has been much written on spirituality – Spiritual Intelligens  (SQ); accessing your “higher self” and how it pertains to a mature leadership. Understanding the principle does not mean you need to go on a quest to find your higher self – even though you might do that, as a bonus in the passing – but there is a potential for you in this understanding that can guide you to rediscover your Solid Self, and I’m glad I didn’t pass that opportunity down.

Let’s Stay Solid.


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