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What are the 3 Principles for State of Mind?

This website,  3 Principles for State of Mind® is a way

– of giving insight to you about your inner ability to Stay Solid without effort or strife

– to show you how your State of Mind is created,

– to guide you to find your own solid core, through insight to the workings of three universal principles.

These three principles – who are yet unknown to most people – are constantly at work in our life, wether or not you know it.

They are like the principle of gravity: present always; neutral; affecting our day to day experience.

What’s to gain from having insight to these three principles?

When you realize how these three principles affect your experience of your moment to moment reality – you have a fast ticket to knowing how to Stay Solid – even when the going gets tough.

When you understand your thought process you will get the upper hand on unproductive, stressing or other energy draining, negative thoughts.

NOTA BENE! You will not stop having unproductive, stressing or other energy draining, negative thoughts – but once you truly have insight to how these thoughts are created – where they come from; then you will know you don’t have take the thoughts so serious. You don’t have to buy in to them. You don’t have to “fix” them. You know you just made them up – as any other story you can make up with the power of thought.

Making up your mental weather

We have the ability to make up our reality via our thoughts. You could see it like you are the sky with the ability to make up your mental weather via your thoughts.
What you think and then take seriously and believe is the reality will give you your feelings in that moment, because every thought you ever have – conscious and unconscious – carries a feeling for you.
But all in all: What weather is present right now doesn’t matter because there will always come a new thought the second you let go of the thought you have right now.
New thought = new feeling = new weather.
And really, all weather is fine
– you do not need to fix the weather! –
when you realise that it is you who are the sky.
The sky doesn’t care that it rains or storms as it knows that the weather always passes. Always.
New thought = new weather.
Hold on to the thought = stay in the weather.
Let go of the thought (stop taking it so serious) = move on to a new thought =new weather.
When we get the insight that the weather doesn’t matter it’s much easier to get out of our own way and move on to a new thought.

This knowledge is nothing new – your thought process has always worked this way and will always work this way – but too few have realized this fact, until now.

The three principles were originally uncovered and explained by a man of simple beginnings – a welder with 8 years of school who went about his life not looking for anything, not knowing there were any universal principles explaining how we create our reality via thought.

Through an extraordinary event he came to uncover three universal principles which ended him up in the middle of Albert Einsteins “E=mc²”-equation. It begins in the fact that everything is energy – MIND – and it comes to explain how we create our own reality via our thoughts.

The welders name was Sydney Banks (1931-2009).

The three universal principles:



Mind is what gives us the power to live and be alive – the universal ENERGY of life, the fact that we live.

Albert Einstein explained the universal energy in E=mc², the equation which proved that everything in the universe is energy; that everything is made up by different patterns of energy, both;

– our physical reality of matter (FORM),  as well as;

– our abstract reality of our mind  [our thoughts – I would say].

The three principles explain what that means for how our thought process work.

The universal energy of Mind works in the same way, always, because it’s a universal principle – much like gravity.

It doesn’t matter if we believe it or know about it or not – this is still the way it is.

Mind – the universal energy – is what gives you the power of life, giving you the power of thought and the power to of being aware of what you think.

Getting “woo-woo”? That was what I thought when I first heard about “the universal energy”. Maybe you’re thinking much the same way as I did? Click here!

Fine with the belief in a universal energy? Then please continue below:


The universal principle of THOUGHT is the power of thought, the fact that we at all are able to have thoughts.

To be clear – the power of thought is NOT to be equated with each and every one of the 60 000-100 000 thoughts we have every day. The principles of thought is the principle – or the power we have – to at all CREATE those 60 000 – 100 000 thoughts.

The power of thought – as it comes to play in our lives –  is the ability to understand and create our “reality” via our thoughts.

The next step is to understand how it works. But that is kind of the side effect of having the ability to think, at all.

The thought process – and why your feelings are part of it:

In order to at all experience “a reality” we first need

1. To be alive

2. To be able to be aware

3. To be able to think, and you need…

A thought.

Each and every thought you then have is your bridge to your sensory experience of reality.

We take in the impulses from the outside material world via our thoughts where the thoughts tell our senses what we BELIEVE we see, hear, feel, taste and smell.

If we don’t have a thought – we cannot experience a reality.

What’s really cool is that every thought also carries a feeling. The feelings are immensely scary and frustrating at times – if we misunderstand where the feeling comes from – but THE PERFECT system for getting feedback on the QUALITY and CLARITY OF OUR THINKING when we DO understand and remember what the feeling is really giving us information about.

With this, the conslusion: We FEEL our reality through our thoughts.

Our thoughts brings us feelings that informs us if our thinking is helpful, high quality, trust worthy – or not.

My husband simply puts it: “We’re feeling what we’re thinking.”, when trying to not get tangled up in the explanation of what his wife is guiding people towards in her business.

Feel bad = unhelpful thinking: Do Not Trust, do not make decisions or act based on the feeling you have right now since they don’t come from a lower level of clarity in your thinking.

Feel good = ok and helpful thinking: Go With The Flow. You are likely to make better more grounded (sustainable) decisions when in a “flow”, in a peaceful state of mind.

So, there you have it. This is some of what the [principle] power of thought lets us be able to CREATE and EXPERIENCE via our thoughts.


Consciousness is our power to be aware; the power to give life to and animate our thought via our senses.

As soon as a thought comes in to our consciousness – the power of consciousness uses all our senses to animate our thoughts with seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling (via our body). The thought in combination with consciousness; what we see, hear, feel, smell, taste – creates our experience of every given moment. And every thought – on top of our senses – also carries a feeling.

Consciousness  gives life to our thoughts, it makes us aware of our thoughts, and makes the thoughts look and feel as THE reality – the only reality and nothing but reality.

And the same it true for your neighbor: His thoughts comes to life via HIS consciousness, which makes HIS thoughts look and feel as THE reality – the only reality and nothing but reality….

Can you start to see what is happening when a misunderstanding takes place or a fall-out happens?

It’s all in the belief in our own individual reality.

And, our individual reality – is created from our own individual thoughts.

Let’s Stay Solid,


Elisabeth Karlehav guides leaders, coaches and private clients to Stay Solid when the going gets tough. From University degree in HR and Organisational Psychology, Elisabeth has worked the previous ten years as an accomplished HR Business Partner and as a member of management teams in international organisations.


  1. I’m intrigued by your comment:

    “Feel bad = unhelpful thinking: Do Not Trust, do not take decisions or act based on the feeling you have right now”

    Sometimes feeling bad is a good indicator of something not being OK. For example, sometimes I’ve got a heavy feeling in my stomach and a feeling of wariness when around certain people. Then I have realised they were up to no good.

    In these cases I do trust my bad feelings.

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