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-The Space In-Between

I’ve been thinking lately about how much space I allow “in-between” when I listen to people, especially my close ones.

How much space in-between do I allow when I listen to myself?

Space in-between as in:

When I listen – do I allow space in my mind for them, to hear them – not just the words?

Am I running past insights that can be found  in the spaces between?

Space in-between as in:

When looking for an answer, a relief to an uncomfortable feeling. Do I fill my mind space “fighting” the uncomfortable feeling with lots of other thoughts ?

Or do I trust I’m still safe? Safe enough to just rest in uncomfortable. Safe enough to listen for that space where the comfortable will show up – hidden in the space between my fighting thoughts?

I forget. Do you?

I forget sometimes that every insight I will ever come across is embedded in the spaces in-between.

I read a post by a friend of mine, Damian Mark Smyth. He pointed to that space.

It’s there for a reason.

It’s there as the ever present opportunity for you to discover the deeper insight of that moment.

It’s bringing you the opportunity to hear your intuition, your wisdom, your deeper mind; the faint clear voice bringing you insight; the deeper intelligence of Now.

And it will be there always, in every given moment – for always extending the opportunity for you to experience MORE than just the words; just the content; just the uncomfortable feeling of a flat world staring back at you.

It’s in the space in-between.

The depth.

I forget. Do you?


Elisabeth Karlehav guides leaders, coaches and private clients to Stay Solid when the going gets tough. From University degree in HR and Organisational Psychology, Elisabeth has worked the previous ten years as an accomplished HR Business Partner and as a member of management teams in international organisations.


  1. Thanks for this Elisabeth! I have too been contemplating the space for the last two weeks – a silent retreat for a week gave me lots of space and it was absolutely magical. The space is definitely where it the power is – without the gaps, without the space, without the blank paper, we wouldn’t know the content was there. We are 99.9999 and more, pure space – the answer is so obvious when we give ourselves space to reflect!

  2. Great article, Elizabeth! Yes, and I still forget on a daily basis, despite talking and teaching this. It’s so very easy to think that we are not connected. But how can we not be! It’s part of who we are already… Thanks

    • Thank you, Damian! Yes, I guess we are just starting to really see _which_ connection is really hooking us up with the best insights 🙂

      I think we’ve been so reliant on, and trusting that, connecting with intellect will be what keeps us safe and will give us our best answers for our questions.

      Who knew we we’re already connected to a much more potent source – if we just keep listening for that space in-between.
      Thanks Damian for stopping by!
      Elisabeth Karlehav recently posted…How To Sober Up In SecondsMy Profile


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