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How To Sober Up In Seconds

research article caught my eye the other day. Researchers have made it possible (at least for mice) to sober up in seconds. That could come in handy!

They had been monitoring a bunch of mice – which had the doubtful pleasure of getting drugged with alcohol by the researchers – to find out what happened when the mice were injected with the encapsulated enzymes. The mice sobered up in seconds.

The second test group of mice didn’t do as well with the sobering up, they had to stand the alcohol toxins for longer – and probably also had to suffer a worse hangover.

What was also interesting was that when the enzymes were released from the nano scale polymer it was similar to having one million extra liver cells coming in on a Sunday gig. Kind of like a cleaning company that let’s you get out of clean up after the party: They help you clean up and get rid of the crap.

A bit into the article I realized how similar the capability of these enzymes were to something we already have natural in our own thought system.

Our Brilliant Natural System

Too rarely we appreciate the brilliant system that nudges our personal development forward, thought by thought; insight by insight.

Many of our thoughts are – like alcohol on the body and the liver – poisonous. The can often be poisonious to the level that they reduc our ability to live in a healthy state of mind – much like alcohol do.

What we forget – and pretty seldom understand the level of brilliance of – is that we actually have our own high tech system going on in the way our thought works, in what a thought has the power to accomplish.

In a flash one thought can swipe the premises and clean up a whole closet of thoughts and beliefs that have been poison to our feelings and emotions.

We call this:

An Insight.

The Ability of an Insight

An insight have the power to do exactly the same thing as the enzymes in the nano capsules. Instead of clearing out the alcohol toxins, an insight can clear a big bunch of toxic thoughts together forming toxic belief structures.

We have an inexhaustible supply of thoughts, creating ideas, coming to us. We form them into beliefs about what life is, how it should be, what is right or wrong, whether I had been badly treated or not, did they disrespect me or not, what you (or any one else) should or should not do, say, think, believe.

Too soon we start believing that our beliefs are solid truths, truths that can not be changed. It could be a belief about ”how Eva, who had been so mean to me that she traumatized me forever, I will always suffer from this; never feel good again because of what she did to me …”


Those are toxic thoughts, poisonous beliefs that take up valuable space, prevents you from thinking healthier new thoughts and move on.

When the thoughts are believed to be valid and important to obey; when we believe that they are needed to protect us – then we will allow them to root in our thought system. After all, they protect us, right?

The toxic thoughts will continue to circulate in our mind and they will faithfully surface again and again. They will influence and sometimes totally control each decision we make in every given moment. As soon as our brain believes the circumstance in the moment is similar to the ”Eva-situation” – the protectives thoughts will kick in and we think we need to act in accordance with those thoughts to be safe.

It’s hard to realize that one lonely small thought, one idea, a new possible truth – in seconds – can sober up your belief system.

One insight can clear out a whole branch of beliefs that no longer makes sense to us!

How’s that for: “it’s difficult and takes a long time to change a belief and behavior”?

No, it only takes ONE new thought that we believe in. That new thought will mean it won’t make sense anymore to continue acting or making the decisions we used to do.

No manufactured enzymes in nano scale polymeters are needed to sober you up and clear up your thinking.

I’m going old school – anytime – me no need enzymes in a nano scale polymeter. Insights are the shit.

A shotgun in our closet

There have been some rare occasions (very rare, ofcourse) when I was furious at what I considered a totally unforgivable injustice. Bitterness were squirting out of my ears until suddenly: New information, giving a new thought, makes me suddenly realize the reason the other person did what she did; a short insight to how they perceived the reality of the situation… With that one insight the angry, bitter, unreasonable, traumatized thoughts and ideas of the earlier incident just cracked as fragile soap-bubbles allergic to the sun.

The insights are powerful beyond what people realize.



A BELIEF is like a weight hanging in a bunch of balloons:
a belief hanging in a bunch of thoughts that makes it fly .
An INSIGHT is like a charge of shots from a shotgun.
It can take out all the balloons in one hit.
Sometimes there’s a few balloons left to linger,
but the belief doesn’t fly anymore
– because it can no longer make sense.

It fascinates me that we so rarely think of this fantastic capacity we have. A in-an-instant sobering capacity that we have access to – naturally.
At any given moment – one thought – one insight – can clear out the toxic in our system.

We feel crappy sometimes. Some days feel like a plague and the more we think about how shitty it is, the worse it feels – and then we really start the plague by adding more toxic thoughts and feel even worse than when we started feeling crappy in the beginning.

It is so darn clever that due to the way our thoughts work, I am never more than one thought away from feeling better.

A Life Changing Moment

A “Life changing moment” – what is it that makes a life changing moment possible?[Open Red Box]All it takes to have a life changing moment is one new thought which gives you a new way of understanding the world, which make you change your habitual behavior in one single blow.[Close Box]

It may have happened to you in your life. Something happened and you had a new thought. Suddenly it felt like everything was different – even though the circumstances around you were the same.

The reason that life changing moment are possible is because of the power of thought and the inherent ability to have insights.

”Sobering up in seconds” can come to you via research of enormous cost and impressive nano technology.

And ”Sobering up in seconds” can come at no cost and via the impressive power of thought.

Have you had a life changing moment? How did that come to happen for you?

Thanks for stopping by, and Hey!

Let’s Stay Solid,

’til next time.



Elisabeth Karlehav guides leaders, coaches and private clients to Stay Solid when the going gets tough. From University degree in HR and Organisational Psychology, Elisabeth has worked the previous ten years as an accomplished HR Business Partner and as a member of management teams in international organisations.


  1. Brilliant!

    I don´t know if I totally agree with you about the insights (it seems sometimes I get wonderful insights that turn my life around but sadly it doesn´t always last…), but then, that really doesn´t matter. I love the way you explain it.

    • Thank You Antonio, glad you like it!

      I think we can have very strong insights that changes us at our core – but I absolutely recognise that suddenly the bright and shiny insight tend to blur and become intangible again!?

      For me it seems like the insights matures over time.

      First, I get ‘hit’ by the insight as it initially reaches me – but then the clarity of the moment fade….
      but… then it comes back to me – peace by peace in smaller chunks of wisdom, through different day-to-day situations; letting me go deeper and deeper in the understanding of what the initial insight actually was starting to show me.

      Does this sound true or familiar to you?

      I think this is one of the reasons many of us ‘stay intellectual’ as we are beginning to get insight to the nature and workings of the principles. Even when we have insights and kind of starts to see what’s going on with our thinking, I believe that our GROUNDING comes to us over time. As the seemingly small, piece by piece realisations come to you, about what is going on with our thoughts and feelings, we keep deepening our insights day by day – until we see it everywhere, always. Except for when we don’t. 🙂
      Elisabeth Karlehav recently posted…What are the 3 Principles for State of Mind?My Profile

      • Yes, I recognise what you describe Elisabeth. It is often disappointing when I realise the insight that hit me like a brick is not leading to the changes I expected…

        But then it comes back as a small pebble, and then another one, and another one, and if I don’t get discouraged in the process it eventually leads to lasting change.


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